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Lucrecia Arcos Alcaraz (Mexico City, 1993). She has a degree in Modern French Literature and Language from the School of Philosophy and Letters in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She has published short story, poetry and poetry translations in Punto en Línea, Punto de Partida, Círculo de Poesía y el Periódico de Poesía, from the UNAM, where she used to be a collaborator. As a translator, she has participated in the XVII Feria Internacional del Libro del Zócalo for the project titled 50 years of Modern Poetry in Translation: an anthology. She has also translated and done style editing of novels, short film and feature film scripts. She has participated in numerous congresses and colloquiums of theory and analysis of film at the institute of philological studies and is currently studying for her master in art history in the speciality of film studies at UNAM, with a study of the portuguese director Pedro Costa.



Born in the State of Mexico. Currently based in the capital city of Mexico, Gustavo studies a Filmmaking degree at the Universidad de la Comunicación. Along with his degree and several courses and workshops, such as direction of actors and soundtrack developing, he continues his formation on the cinematography field. 



Natalia Durand (Mexico City, 1995) studied a communication degree and is currently studying a philosophy degree, both of them at the UNAM.  Winner of the 9th contest of Film Critic Alfonso Reyes «Fósforo» at the frame of FICUNAM. She has collaborated at magazines such as Reflexiones Marginales, Correspondencias; Cine y pensamiento, the official website of the Ambulante film festival and punto de partida. Nowadays she gives lessons of film reflection at the Arte 7 university. 


Born in Mexico City on the 18 of November 1992. He has developed his passion in film and acting through various workshops and diplomats from various schools. He is currently coursing his final year in the Film Direction course of El Centro De Capacitación Cinematográfica A.C. He has worked as Second Assistant Director in films such as “Cómprame Un Revolver” by Julio Hernandez Cordon and in the production department “Bayoneta” by Kyzza Terrazas, (to name a few) amongst others. As a director he has done several projects such as “Canapé”, “Cecilia & “Encerrada”.



With four projects as an executive producer, two as a director and with passion for editing, Andrés Farías has demonstrated his constant developing as a filmmaker. Driven for an experimental streak, his fixation for supporting daring projects has leaded him to search for new narrative forms supported on the new and old technologies.

Las cosas que mueren (2017): Executive producer , Edition
Vesica Piscis-Tierra (videoclip) (2017): Executive producer
Emma (2017): Director , Edition
Destellos (2018): Director, Edition
¿De qué color ves esto? (2018) (Documental): Edition
Una luz distante (2019): Executive producer, Edition
Líquido Antropoide (2019) (Documental) : Executive producer, Edition 


Víctor Villagómez Chávez (Mexico, 1998) Student of the filmmaking degree at the ENAC-UNAM. During a year and a half he studied the literature and drama degree at the Philosophy and Letters Faculty (UNAM). He has written film critic for the Correspondencias; Cine y Pensamiento magazine. His interest on cinema finds itself on the exploration of new narrative ways and initiating on the search of no-narrative structures. The areas that he’s most interested in are editing and realization. He has taken workshops with the film philosopher Sonia Rangel and the film critic Jorge Ayala Blanco. His influences are the French New Wave and the New German Cinema. He directed the short film “Instructions for a suicide”



Mexican Filmmaker and cinematographer. On the year 2015 He entered the University Center of Cinema Studies (CUEC, now ENAC), where he currently is working his documentary thesis “Dead Ghosts”


Adrianna Maldonado Montlongo has an academic formation of cinema from secondary school where She co-directs “El caracol” screened as part of the workshop “To do cinema” at the Filmoteca UNAM online. First place winner for the best documentary short film at the 45 years celebration of the Humanity and Science college with “En camino” which she photographs and directs. Winner of the FÓSFORO 4th contest of film critic published on the Punto de Partida magazine. Certified by the San Carlos Academy on scenographic realization. She has worked as a photographer, screenwriter, director, art director  and as a Producer in several film exercises at  CUEC (now ENAC) in which she is currently studying the 6th semester.


Currently, She is a first-generation thesis student in the Bachelor’s Plan of the National School of Cinematic Arts (formerly CUEC, UNAM). Her focus has been in the areas of Animation, Direction and Assembly. She has made stop-motion animation for Monte de Piedad (2015), as well as photography in the short documentary Selenium, pre-selected to Ariel 2018. In the last year, she has written and directed three short films: Komorebi (currently in post-production), short film in which she combines animation with live-action, XXI CENTURY LOVE, short film within the official selection of SHORTS MEXICO 2019 and Los Cuerpos Que se Apagan, post-production film thesis, filmed in the streets of Tokyo, Japan. All are part of a well-defined aesthetic quest, influenced by contemporary Japanese cinema. She has also participated as an editor and credit designer in several short films in which the following stand out: Amanecer, cineminuto selected at the SHORTS MEXICO 2018 festival; Where it all begins, winner of the first place in the Short Film Contest “A hundred years after the birth of Guillermo González Camarena” and Madrugada en un mundo perfecto, film thesis, currently in post production.



Enthusiast of filmmaking and film appreciation. He works as a camarographer, sound mixer, director assistant, screenwriter, editor/post-productor of cinema and audiovisual publicity. He has published several film critics in websites such as Cinefagia magazine, Sine and His short film Rosaura was screened at festivals such as Feratum, ZinemmaZombieFest and the horror film exhibition at Xoco (Cineteca Nacional). Currently he’s preparing his thesis short film for his alma mater, Center of Cinema Studies INDIe and he’s developing his first feature film.



Bachelor of Animation Film from the Concordia University (Montreal), he is currently attending the 8th semester at the National School of Cinematic Arts, formerly CUEC, of ​​the UNAM. During his studies in Canada, he was a beneficiary of the BMO Financial Group grant for animated films. He has worked as a director, producer and animator in several short films. He participated as an animator in the winning short film of the first national Nespresso Talents 2019 place. He is currently in charge of the production of one of the winning short films of the 19th National Short Film Projects Contest / by regions, organized by IMCINE




In 2016 she entered the Bachelor of Cinematography at the University Center for Cinematographic Studies where she currently specializes in the area of ​​cinematography. During her career she has written, directed and photographed more than ten short films, which have participated in several festivals. In 2018 she was a jury of the CILECT Prize Competition and Jury Mezcal in the 33rd edition of the International Film Festival in Guadalajara.



Dahet Castro was born in 1997 in Mexico City. She is a filmmaker and dubbing actress. Studies the last year of the Degree in Cinematography at the Superior School of Cinema. In 2016 she worked in the Special Guests Area of ​​the Los Cabos International Film Festival. She has participated in various positions in more than 10 short films. In 2018, the Iconic Magazine publishes the project “Let’s do what we want”, which was written and edited by her. She assisted production in the film “Our Time” by Carlos Reygadas. This year she collaborated as Second Second Director in the film “Black Fire” by Bernardo Arellano. She is currently working in the post-production of her documentary “Faranduleros”, which will be part of the “ESCINE Screening” that will take place in the national Cineteca, as well as being in the pre-production of her thesis.



Luis Flores Rábago was born on October 4, 1997 in Mexico City. He is a filmmaker and photographer who has worked in more than ten short films. He has attended and collaborated with the musician and sound designer Pascual Reyes. He has photographed the NRMAL festival in two editions and national and international bands such as Café Tacvba, Beak, Cornelius, San Pascualito Rey, Sei Still, Mint Field, etc. Currently, postproduces a documentary short film “Carmina” close to release and at the same time develops his thesis project at the Superior School of Cinema (ESCINE).



Filmmaker, journalist in training, lover of books, poetry and music. Born on June 21 in the city of Toluca.
After finishing her compulsory studies, her life takes a 360º turn as Jessica decides to enter the world of cinema where she learned that you should not pay attention to those who flatter you and less to those who ignore or humiliate you.Faithful follower of Xavier Dolan, because after watching the film ´´Heartbeats´´ decided that she wanted to make films always.
 She has also participated in several short films, television programs as director and producer, selected in the program ´´Trois jours à Cannes´´ of the International Film Festival of Cannes. 


Andrea Pérez Su was born in Mexico City, daughter of a family with
Multicultural roots of Mexican, Peruvian and Chinese descent. In 2015 she is accepted in the University Center for Cinematographic Studies (CUEC, now ENAC). There, Pérez Su specializes in editing and documentary production. She has directed several documentary short films and has participated in multiple schoolar productions. Her work has been exhibited in more than 30 international festivals, among them Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse, the International Film Festival of Morelia, International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema of Havana and the Viña del Mar International Film Festival. In addition, she was a CILECT jury Prize in the 2017 and 2018 editions. She is currently part of the curatorial council of the Festival Cinema Mexico City and is developing a documentary Project on biculturalism and migration.


Santiago Olmos Oscós. Born in Cuernavaca Morelos but living almost all his life in Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo. Santiago from a young age acquired a great taste for the art of cinema and interest in the different departments that make it up. 



Rodrigo Gavaldón, 21, is in his third semester in the film career taught by the University of Communication and is waiting to film his first fiction short film at the end of 2019. In his stay as a student of the U.C Rodrigo has stood out for his avid cinephilia, enthusiasm and sensitivity as well as for his eternal willingness to explore new avenues in the world of cinema.



Natalia Zoila Ruiz Juárez, was born in Tijuana B. C., (April 1, 1998), where she grew up and studied until finishing high school. Showing an interest in writing and photography, she decides to go to study her professional career in Mexico City, where she ventures into the Bachelor of Cinema at the University of Communication. She is currently continuing her film studies, having directed his first fiction earlier this year. Likewise, she participates in student short films mostly in the area of ​​photography.



Oscar is a young student of the Higher School of Cinema (ESCINE), part of its first generation. His performance in the medium is varied, from participating in movies for Netflix as in independent documentaries filmed through La Paz Baja California. His inclination for science fiction has led him to research and develop  projects of that category using as main the support offered by the cinematic to the monetary.



Student at Universidad de la Comunicación of the degree in Cinematography.
Visual Artist graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; disciple of the Master in Visual Arts Juan Manuel Salazar in the Landscape and Figurative.
Painting Workshop: Luis Nishizawa.
Independent reporter invited to the red carpet coverage of El Premio Ariel, AMACC Award, 2010.