Black Canvas FCC

Ever since Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival began two years ago, its commitment has been to bring to Mexico City’s audience the best and most representative films of world cinema; one that dares to challenge traditional film narratives and which spans out in personal and aesthetic pursuits that will ultimately define them. A cinema which expands one’s vision, eye-opener to other realities, other ways to tell the stories which provide us with meaning, something which, these days, has become as urgent as a guiding light among so much darkness. It is a question of venturing down that road.

This third edition of Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival will offer more than 140 films, most of these, works which demonstrate an insatiable appetite for different cinematographic paths which eventually end in formal proposals which escape an easy categorization due to their radical and unconventional narratives. This is precisely an opening for cinema by authors that break on through by diverse ways, most of the time pathways they open themselves: young voices of world cinema. This is the soil from which these emerging talents –potential authors– both Mexican and international, are nurtured; an environment they share with renowned filmmakers, all of them committed to an artistic and cinematographic vision.

Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival will program in this third edition, three different retrospectives of renowned, world class filmmakers who have already secured their place in history. Without their work we could not comprehend today’s cinema. These retrospectives are dedicated to the Portuguese filmmaker Rita Azevedo Gomes, the Romanian filmmaker Andrei Ujica as well as a focus-tribute to Paul Vecchiali. It is a great honor for the festival to welcome two of these great artists. The rest of our local and international guests are important members of the current film scene.

The festival is an ideal space to foster the cultural offering of Mexico City, to promote creativity and develop a collaborative spirit both for international filmmakers and for the audience and young creators-in-training. In that sense we point out the importance of the academic activities we have named Extension of the Canvas, which are centered around the experiences our Mexican and international guests at the Universidad de la Comunicación and in alliance with the Mexican Film Institute (Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía) IMCINE.

It is our utmost desire that the Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival be today and always that threshold which invites contemplating and taking that leap towards the infinite universe that represents filmmaking.