The Wandering Witch

The Wandering Witch
La Bruja del Fósforo Paseante

Mexico| 2018 | DCP | B&W | 16 minutes | Sofia Carrillo

SUNDAY 6 | CINEMEX PLAZA INSURGENTES SALA 6 | 12:00 HRS | 102 MIN (total running time) (english subtitles)

Director: Sofia Carrillo
Screenplay: Sofia Carrillo, based on the homonym tale of Ana Carrillo
Producer: Armando Padilla, Sofia Carrillo, Alex Briseño
Cinematography: Juan Pablo Ramírez
Editing: Joaquim Martí Márques
Sound: Odín Acosta
Music: Yolihuani Curiel
Production companies: Compañía Cinematográfica Mexicana, Prita Noire AHAF
Cast: Susana Romo, Marisol Padilla Sánchez, Michelle Betancourt, Cristian Dávalos


A day before her son´s wedding, Agustina tries to have the ceremony called off, only to discover that Emilia, the orphan girl betrothed to her son, still has someone ready to come to her defense.


Graduated from the Image and Sound Department of the University of Guadalajara. Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 2018. Member of the National System of Creators since 2017. Director and animator of Cerulia (2017), winner of the silver Ariel in 2018. Director and animator of La Casa Triste (2013), winner of the Eye for Best Animated Short at FICM 11, Best Animated Shortfilm Quartered and Drawn at Fantastic Fest; Austin Tx, Special Jury Prize at the Havana Film Festival. Director and Animator of Prita Noire; 2011 Winner ex aequo Eye to the Best Animated Short in the 9th FICM, Best Animated Shortfilm in the San Diego Latino Film Festival, Best Latin American Animation Short Film in Chilemonos, winner of the Ariel de Silver for Best Animated Short at the 54th edition of the Ariel 2012.