The Portraitist

The Portraitist
El Retratista

Mexico | 2018 | DCP | Color | 20 min | Joaquín Gutiérrez

SUNDAY 6 | CINEMEX PLAZA INSURGENTES SALA 6 | 12:00 HRS | 102 MIN (total time) (english subtitles)


Director: Joaquín Gutiérrez
Screenplay: Joaquín Gutiérrez 
Producer: Antonio Bayardo
Cinematography: Sidi Aissaoui
Editing: Rubén Ávila, Joaquín Gutiérrez
Sound: Alberto Rosas
Music: Saúl Ledesma
Production companies: Pez Nocturno, Luciérnaga Films 
Cast: Antonio Pliego, Ana Monterrubio, Camila Saavedra


An ID photographer who is obsessed with maintaining an ever-expanding collection of portraits, all of them have one thing in common: theiz gaze is lost. Hundreds of photos stacked over each other, until one day by accident, a bunch of them fall, uncovering the only portrait that looks straight into his eyes. He remembered his own reflection in her pupils and that unties a terrible reality where his world gradually becomes like his wall: still and with lost glances.


Joaquín Gutiérrez is a Mexican director and cinematographer. His big interest is to communicate viscerally the perspective of the character of the audience. He studied Directing and Cinematography in Vancouver Film School and workshops in visual storytelling and writing in Maine Media Workshops.


Festival Rulfiano de las Artes –Official Selection– 2019, Mexico
Festival Internacional de Cine de Baja California –Official Selection– 2019, Mexico
Festival de Cine Independiente de la Ciudad de México –Official Selection– 2019, Mexico