Chile | 2019 | DCP | Color | 19 minutes | Victoria Giesen Carvajal

TUESDAY 8 | CINEMEX PLAZA INSURGENTES SALA 5 | 15:30 HRS | 62 MIN (total running time) (english subtitles)


Director: Victoria Giesen Carvajal
Screenplay: Victoria Giesen Carvajal
Producer: Rebeca Gutiérrez Campos 
Cinematography: Francisca Sáez Agurto, Agustina San Martín
Editing: Inti Gallardo
Sonido: Romina Núñez Cano
Music: Luciana Campos Farías
Production companies: Pinda Producciones
Cast: Paula Hofmann Villar, Armin Felmer


In a small fishing cove, surrounded by locals who murmur stories about the devil, Gabriel will try to decipher the strong attraction he feels towards a mysterious young masculine-looking woman who goes by the name Héctor.


From an early age she had a close link with artistic expressions such as dance, drawing and music. She completed her university studies in Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a place that shaped her vision as an artista, by sharing with people from different countries in Latin America.


69° Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin – Berlinale Shorts Competition – 2019, Germany